Karim Benzema scored Real Madrid’s 1000th goal in EUROPE. First team in the history of football 🙌

"As a child, I was small, smaller than the others, so I was always on the goal. On one occasion, I got the ball in the face, and instead of hurting me, I liked it. So that is why I became a goalkeeper."
Iker Casillas (via ohfootball)
UEFA Champions League Anthem

clarainthelibrary I DON’T HAHAHAHA i mean sometimes i do (but compare that to the times that i don’t sooo) it’s hot here

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Name- Angel Ainaleigh
Nickname- Angel :)
Birthday- 14th of September
Gender- Female
Sexuality- Messi’s smile
Height- 4”10’ (don’t even)
Time zone- GMT+8
What time and date is it there- Tuesday September 16th, 9:26PM
Average hours of sleep I get a night- 5 hours at most
OTP- Jily, Olicity, Dramione, Malec, DeanxJo, AmyxRory, MatsxNina (lol lucky strike) … infinity
Last thing I googled was- 2014 World Cup (don’t ask)
First word that comes to mind- wedding
What I last said to a family member- “Bye” to Mama
One place that makes me happy and why- my room idc if it’s messy and all
How many blankets you sleep under- none :)
Favourite beverage- soda
Last movie I watched in the cinema- Guardians of the Galaxy!
Three things I can’t live without- Stories, Important people in my life, internet
Something I plan on learning- Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and French
A piece of advice for all of my followers-  Sleep is important (lies)

My blog(s) - this one only

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Here are my top 10 favorite footballers. The thing is, I have a Holy Trinity. So the list is not in order but the first three is the Holy Trinity.

1. Lionel Messi

2. Karim Benzema

3. James Rodriguez

4. Neymar

5. Angel Di Maria

6. Oscar

7. Manuel Neuer

8. Marcelo

9. Thiago Silva

10. Iker Casillas

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who are your top ten?


Real Madrid,

You fucking lost to Real Sociedad. You lost to Atletico Madrid, a match where most of you went anonymous. First you sold Gonzalo Higuain, then Mesut Ozil, then let Angel di Mario walk out the front door while Xabi Alonso snuck out the back. You bought a player no one had heard about until before the World Cup, and banked your hopes on the fact that the kid had scored for his national team. You bought Toni Kroos (god knows why) and I’m not even going to get started on the whole Iker situation. You won the Champions League, then did everything you could to totally disassemble the winning squad. I think it’s time you stopped looking at yourselves as money machines and started looking at your fucking stadium and realize that 85,454 people turn out rain or shine for every home match to fucking watch you play, and they want to see results. Florentino Perez, I’m looking at you. If you can’t get your head out of your ass long enough to see that there are real problems in your squad, then maybe you need to step aside and allow someone else  to take over, someone who CAN see that you don’t need to make a multi-million dollar signing every transfer window. You’re a football team, not Victoria’s Secret - you don’t need a different collection every few months. I want to see a fucking win in this Champions League match, I literally do not give a fuck who scores but I want to see results and I want every single player to give their all because making it into the Starting XI should not be the only objective of being part of the club. Fucking wake up. 

"There were moments when I found Casillas after practice in the locker room crying. Whenever things go bad people blame him, but his love for Real Madrid gives him the strength to stay."
Sergio Ramos  (via ozils)

i want a pen pal

as in letters not emails

i don’t care how long it usually takes

that’s the fun part

i want a pen pal

Basically every Bayern fan when Manu runs out of the net every FUCKinG GaMe (via thomas25muller)


When you go to a new school and become friends with the popular kids:


When they decide to kick you out of the group:



cristiano be like “you can’t sit with us”





The most reliable thing they have ever tweeted. 




The most reliable thing they have ever tweeted. 

Chicharito’s debut | September 13, 2014